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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Dwelling Fire – Lang Drive

Wednesday December 27th, 2017 13:24

Rescue 32 was dispatched to assist the Yardley Makefield Fire Co. (Sta0/80) for a RIT assignment. Assistant 0 went on scene and had fire showing side A/D. Crews assisted with fire suppression and ventilation and were on scene for an hour.

Dwelling Fire – Linden Lane

Tuesday December 26, 2017   9:13 a.m.

Station 32 was dispatched for a reported dwelling fire on Linden Lane in the Lakeside section. C32 arrived on scene with smoke coming from side C of the dwelling. Engine 32-1 arrived and pulled an attack line to extinguished the fire. Crews checked the dwelling for extension inside and ventilated the house. The fire was held to the exterior of the house. Assisting companies included E33, E10, R30 and R31.

Apartment Fire – Orangewood Apartments

Sunday December 17, 2017  00:07 a.m.


Rescue 32 was dispatched to assist the Levittown Fire Company # 2 (Sta. 13) on BOX 13-33 for an apartment fire. DC13 went on scene with smoke showing and fire coming from side A. Crews assisted with a secondary hose line, overhaul and ventilation. Assisting companies included E77, L10, L11, R30, TW14.

Dwelling Fire – Shadetree Lane


Saturday December 16, 2017  18:28 p.m.

Engine 32 and Engine 32-1 were dispatched to assist the Tullytown Fire Company (Sta. 33) on tactical box 33-10 for a dwelling fire in Stonybrook. C10 arrived on scene with a fire showing from side A of the dwelling. Crews assisted with a secondary hose line along with ventilation and overhaul. Assisting companies included E10, R13, R31, TW30.